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A whole new world lies before your feet, ready to be explored. And there is much territory to explore for the travellers with an open mind, or who just want to enjoy themselves.

You'll find games, cartoons and short stories to entertain or maybe a walk around in the gallery?

Maybe I can tempt you with articles on webdesign, or computer talk?

Or maybe... Maybe you should just have a look for yourself.

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Welcome to my Crazee Aftermoon


Reading is good exercise for your brain, so why not pop over to the library and read some stories? Or maybe you find something else of interest - especially if you like fantasy and/or science fiction.

[Web Design Frontpage] From time to time I write a bit about my thoughts about web design, based both on my own experiences and advice I read various places.

[Dionaea Art Gallery Frontpage]My site is called Crazee Aftermoon - but the domain is dionaea.com. To find the reason for this visit the gallery and read about Dionaea, as well as looking at the art.

Dionaea will as time goes by get a more prominent role all over the site, too.

[Sabrina Online Frontpage] The Sabrina Online comic strips are among the most popular pages on my site. Why not check for yourself the reason why?
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You can buy cool merchandise with Dionaea-motives.
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There's many new products to choose from, with different motives.

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