The Fun House - Entertainment

Entertainment (noun) : 1. Something that's enjoyable to watch or take part in. 2. The act of entertaining somebody or something.

Synonyms: Amusement, diversion, recreation, pasttime, sport, play, fun, pleasure, enjoyment, show, performance, carnicval, festival, gala, spectacle.

Entertain (verb) : 1. To give enjoyment or amusement to. 2. To show hospitality to. 3. To consider or have in one's mind (an idea, doubt suggestion, etc).

Synonyms: Amuse, divert, occupy, interest, please, charm, regale, cheer, ...

Entertaining (adjective)

"Let me entertain you"
(Robbie Williams)

In its simplest form, the entertainment here is in for of various games you can enjoy; arcade games, puzzle games, word games...

Also, if you're interested in the future and how to predict it, that section of this site is also placed here. Have a go and see if one of the methods described for helping you in this task will provide you with what you want.

Find the full list of options here.