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I’ve finally found out something about some of my visitors. Not who they are, but what they are. At least I’m certain to some degree, namely brassirothesauriasts.

Sounds cool, eh?

I have wondered a bit about this earlier, too, due to a search phrase – girls in bra pics – turning up again and again. That same search phrase is still going strong these days. Out of curiosity I checked the IP-addresses for a few of those searchers, to see where they came from. Way too few to say anything about the origins of them in general, but those I did check originated in Middle-East/Asia; Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia…

Just to mention some statistics around the topic. 😉

And now I’ve realized these most likely are brassiothesauriasts. But what’s with this fancy word? Well, here’s the definition:

Brassirothesauriast (bruh-zeer-oh-thuh-SAW-ree-ast) – A person who collects brassieres or pictures of women wearing them.

Free 4GB iPod Nano?

I got a little begging mail from a friend myself, to visit a site and fill in what it said, and we’d both get a free iPod Nano. Well – I thought I should bite this time and try, after all what did I have to lose?

Well – it turned out it was a bit more for me to do to achieve the prize: I have to refer five more people myself that will have to register and take up one offer themselves. How? Well – I could send them an email, or by instand messaging, or even post a link to my blog. As you suspect, I’m writing this entry to post the link – those of you who want to give it a shot and try to get a free iPod Nano yourself may want to try it.

Get a FREE iPod Nano! (Offer is for all countries, but it seems Americans — or should that be USers? 😉 — will have an easier time at the moment…)

I will update the post (or write in the comments) if it works. As long as I actually refer 5 people who go the line out, that is… (What is there to lose?)

Girls in bra pics

Girl in bra, seen from behindGirls are fascinating for many of us, and they are very often nice to rest our eyes on. If I should make an educated guess, I would think many like to see these beautiful creatures without too much garments obscuring their shapes. I guess seeing the tiny garment called a brassiere — or bra for short — in use is something many can appreciate. I understand that. One thing puzzles me, though.

For several weeks now, one particular search term have been at the top or near the top in the stats for my site, for what visitors look for when they arrive at my site. The search term is (as you may have guessed) “girls in bra pics”. A few have searched for “girls bra” or something like that, but those disappear in comparision with the other term. Now, I can understand that people search for such pictures, but how come that exact search phrase is so popular? I’ll probably never know.

I wonder if those who arrive after that search are disappointed? Because the only page (I think) that mention that delicate garment — up until now — is one about a test I took once: What kind of bra are you? It does have a picture of a bra, though.

37 names of Brazilian music

Find 37 names of the Brazilian music scene
72 bands may be hidden in the Virgin-picture, but it’s an idea that was to good to be left alone – so why not repeat it?

In this image, 37 names of Brazilian music are hidden.There are bands and artists, operating or extinct, of the rock to funk music.

I can’t say I’m particulary knowledgeable of the Brazilian music scene, but this makes me curious. So if anyone knows of any names hiding in the picture, please comment. 🙂

72 Hidden Bands

Image where 72 bands are hidden
This seem to be all over the place now, but as far as I can see, the image linked to is very often the wallpaper at Virgin Digital – and this lacks some vital hints at the left, where the image is cut off. So, I cloned it back in.

Have a look at the high resloution picture, and see if you can find all 72 bands. (Hey, maybe it’s possible to find some that the artist(s) didn’t think of, too? ;))

Why do people believe in fortune tellers?

Looking through my log certainly can be interesting. I get some nice overview of what people are searching for when they arrive at my pages, which again can prompt me to look a bit deeper into stuff, maybe to make things I’ve written clearer, add something to old pages, or write something completely new.

Now, I just found that someone found my pages by searching for the phrase that makes up the title of this post – why do people believe in fortune tellers? What he/she found was not the answer to that question, but three methods to tell the future yourself…

Am I able to answer the question if someone comes searching for it again? Well – not really. Personally I find the topic interesting, even fascinating, and also fun. I wouldn’t mind having my own fortune told in various ways, but I must admit, I remain highly sceptical of it. For the sake of this article, I did use my numerology calculator to ask “Does fortune telling work?” and got a highly positive answer, but… You do need to believe that it works to believe the answer 😉

But – why do people believe in fortune telling? Is it because it can give them answers science can’t? Because of a belief that there must be something more than just what science can tell us about life? Maybe some want to believe just because they think they can use it to control their own future? Or the opposite, that it doesn’t matter what they do because all is destined?

One think I’m sure of, is that if I’m lucky and people answer here why they believe, there will be different answers – not just one, common reason.

What Kind of Bra Are You?

OK, this test is really aimed more at the females than the males, but I just couldn’t leave it alone… (Wonder what this tells me about the girls for me? Hmmm…)

You Are a Lace Bra!

Dreamy, romantic, and ultra-feminine
You’re a womanly woman who makes guys feel like men
Your perfect guy is strong, determined, and handsome
With a softer side that only you can draw out

What Kind of Bra Are You? Take This Quiz 🙂

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