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Acid 2 test – the winner(s)

The first browser to pass the Acid 2 test: Safari. It has been nice to follow the blog of Dave Hyatt and see how he proceeded, not only implementing in Safari, but also finding an error in the test itself. I’m sure he will continue, implementing even more of CSS. (And those pouty faces that insisted it was all a PR stunt from Opera should rather reconsider their view.)

How soon the patches or upgrade will be released to let normal users try it out, we’ll just have to wait and see.

So, should we just announce Safari as the winner then, or…?

As sensible voices have uttered earlier, the important thing isn’t which browser pass the test first – it’s about all browsers working towards standard compliance, and passing the test of course. But first of all implementing and supporting the standards, and not stopping the development and growing stale.

In this scenario, the winner isn’t the browser which first pass the test – the winners are us, the users of browsers; we will find that as browser support the standards, the browsing experience will be enhanced. Web designers will have to worry less and less about not being able to do what they’d like, because of lack of support in browsers. The Acid 2 test is a goal to work towards, and a pressure to actually work towards it. That Safari is victorious in the race to pass the test shows that we’re on the right track. We’re winning more and more as the browsers support more and more, all of us.

In this race, we’re all winners.

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