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The Acid2 test

A while ago, before the WaSP Acid 2 test was ready, Opera challenged Microsoft to take said test in the upcoming IE7. Not everyone appreciated this challenge, claiming that WaSP is working for Opera and such (see among the comments after a post in Scobleizers blog.)

Well – the wait is over, and the WaSP Acid 2 test is here. How does the browsers fare? Well, not unexpectedly, IE6 fails miserably – but no one have claimed IE6 support CSS2.1; it’s the next version that’ll be interesting to test. Maybe to the glee of some, Opera 8 fails too, and so does FireFox. Every browser fails, truth to be told.

So, now we just have to wait and see how fast the browsers get the pieces implemented correctly. Work has already started on the Safari, for those of you on the Mac.

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